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Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Installation of environmentally conscious fiberglass batt insulation and vapor barrier following local and regional building codes and beyond for energy efficiency, comfort & longevity.

Fiberglass batt insulation is a very common type of insulation, forged from tiny fibers of glass which are then woven together into pads. These pads range in size to fit the standard wall, ceiling, and attic cavities for a snug fit. Coastal Pacific Insulation Ltd. uses CertainTeed fiberglass batts, which are made from recycled glass; a naturally fire-retardant material.

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Wall Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batts do not tend to hold water, they also work as an excellent soundproofing solution and reduce both indoor and outdoor noise pollution.

CertainTeed’s Sustainable Insulation® Fiberglass batt insulation features recycled and renewable content, including a plant-based binder that has no formaldehyde, harsh acrylic dyes, or unnecessary fire-retardant chemicals added.

CertainTeed gypsum participates in the UL environment ECV program for multi-attribute sustainability claims for all manufacturing plants and gypsum board products.

Home insulation is undermined constantly. Many people think that do-it-yourself insulation installation is easy, then end up with improperly installed fiberglass batt insulation.

And while it may offer some short term cost savings…
If any problems arise down the road, a professional insulation company will be needed to remedy the situation.

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CertainTeed Fiberglass Batt Insulation

When you hire an expert insulation company that goes above and beyond building code, we tend to look at a multitude of insulation services, as a complete package. This means that we address issues before they start: air moisture, air leaks, and most importantly for mold control; proper ventilation.

Everything is done according to the manufacturer’s specs with no short cuts.

When every part of your home’s insulation “envelope” works together, your energy bills are lower and your energy consumption is significantly decreased.

Home insulation is one of the most important things you can do for the longevity, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home. The overall benefit of home insulation services being done right the first time is paramount.

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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is an effective way to reduce heating costs and maximize energy efficiency in new construction or your current home. The attic is one of the largest sources of potential heat/energy loss in a home and often one of the most neglected home improvement areas when it comes to home insulation.

Regretfully so, by neglecting attic insulation a homeowner risks:

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Blown In Fiberglass Attic Insulation Services
  • higher heating/cooling utility bills
  • an uncomfortable home
  • mold/rot (especially due to improper ventilation)
  • ice dams

Attic Insulation is very much an essential part of the complete insulation “envelope”; it functions to stabilize temperatures throughout the home and provides a colossal difference in your home’s comfort. Improper attic insulation puts added stress on other home systems as well – such as cooling, heating, and ventilation.

Our attic truck dispenses fiberglass blown in onto the attic floor at the required R-Value as set out by local building code. However, some homeowners like to add a little extra for more comfort & energy savings.

One of the benefits of hiring a professional insulation company is that we make sure to cover every nook and cranny & also ensure the blown in attic insulation is level. We meticulously measure the depth of the blown in fiberglass, section by section to provide consistent insulation values across the entire attic space.

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Coastal’s Attic Insulation Truck

Summer Benefits of a properly insulated and vented attic: Expel excess heat, less strain on your air conditioning unit, and remove excess moisture from which mildew, mold and wood rot forms.

Winter Benefits: Keep the heat inside of your house, heat rises and thus escapes easily without a properly insulated attic. An improperly vented/insulated attic will also contribute to the formation of ice dams along the gutters.

Fiberglass Blown In Attic Insulation vs. Spray Foam Insulation?

There are a variety of insulation services & products on the market, while fiberglass blown-in insulation is a great cost-effective choice, the experts are choosing spray foam insulation as the victor. Simply put, spray foam insulation offers greater performance and more benefits. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • spray foam insulates & seals; this is because closed cell spray foam insulation works as both an air barrier & vapour barrier
  • it covers the entire attic floor, getting into microscopic nooks, electrical, plumbing gaps, and other penetrations in your attic
  • spray foam offers the highest R-value than any other product
  • it works best in tandem combined with blown-in fiberglass or blown-in cellulose; for extra insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

When it comes to our fine selection of insulation services, spray foam insulation is de facto the best, most adaptable insulation material on the market. In the insulation industry, it is hailed as the king of insulation installation materials for quite a few reasons.

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Spray Foam Insulation Services; also known as “Spray Polyurethane Foam”

It adheres to virtually any surface, providing unrivaled R-value per square inch (more than any other material); it seals better and has amazing airtightness. Spray foam surprisingly adds structural strength to your home. Closed cell spray foam insulation even acts as a vapor barrier by building code, and provides unbeatable energy-efficiency.

There is a myriad of insulation issues that can be resolved with the proper, professional application of spray foam insulation.

If you are a homeowner experiencing any of the following, don’t hesitate to schedule a free estimate for quality insulation services:

  • Heating/Cooling bills going through the roof! (attic insulation pun intended)
  • Uneven heating/cooling throughout your home
  • Signs of pests (rats!) eating away and nesting; bugs (yuck!)
  • Evidence of mold and mildew
  • Troubling air drafts
  • HVAC system on all the time – (Furnace/AC) abnormalities
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External Wall Spray Foam Insulation Services

The key to reaping the full, unparalleled benefits of spray foam insulation services lies in the professional installation; upon completion, a homeowner can expect: a tight seal (air/vapor barrier), condensation prevention, lack of moisture issues.

Spray foam forms a monolithic barrier throughout your home, thus eliminating draft sources – meaning your home will be comfortable all year around.

The initial (higher) cost of spray foam insulation pays off in the long run, with your home more resistant to decay and the elements, lower subsequent utility bills, and increasing your home value to boot.

For more spray foam insulation benefits, click here.

Cellulose Blown In – Drill & Fill

Cellulose blown in insulation, also sometimes called Drill & Fill quite literally fills the gap between older homes and newer homes. We’ve been noticing an influx of customer demand for these types of insulation services. This is because residential homes built before the 1960s weren’t necessarily required to have insulation by local building code and as these homes age; homeowners are unfortunately subject to the negative effects of time.

cellulose blown in insulation
Cellulose Blown In also known as Drill and Fill is a great retrofit option for older homes

If your home is showing any of the following symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out for our quality insulation services:

  • exterior walls that are cold to the touch
  • condensation on walls
  • mold/mildew on walls
  • freezing home during the winter
  • skyrocketing energy bills even during the summer
  • A/C or Furnace going into overdrive, always on
  • parts of the home are freezing while others are not

This type of insulation retrofit for residential homes essentially “salvages” your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. And is a life (or should I say home saver) if your home completely lacks insulation in the exterior walls or just needs a top-up due to decaying/improperly installed insulation.

The process consists of drilling small holes between your wall studs, afterward we take a hose and fill the wall cavity with loose cellulose blown in. The loose-fill cellulose gets into all the crannies of the wall cavity, conforming to size with no disruption to the wall cavity’s structure. Once the process is finished the holes can be patched & finished.

Cellulose blown in insulation / drill and fill also eliminates the need to do a full-scale home reno (i.e. tearing the drywall out) just for the simple reason that it’s minimally invasive.

In an older home, the energy savings & comfort improvement can be as drastic as night & day. This is because during the summer, insulation keeps the cooled air from escaping and during the winter it keeps the heated air from escaping.

Crawl Space Insulation

What you need to know about the different types of crawl space insulation services

With ever-increasing energy costs, long gone are the days of vented, freezing, uninsulated crawl spaces. Homeowners are turning to different insulation systems to make their homes comfortable. The best part about insulating that gross, old crawl space is that it’s eligible for BCHydro/FortisBC Energy Rebates; so not only will you see an improvement in your home’s overall insulation envelope and receive an insulation rebate based on the amount of R-value added, but you’ll also reap the benefits of lower ensuing utility bills.

Currently, Coastal Pacific Insulation Ltd. has a few types of different insulation technologies, ready to tackle even the meanest, dirtiest crawl spaces!

Fiber Glass Batt Insulation & Rigid Foam Panels

Among the most common type of crawl insulation services, fiberglass batt insulation is used to insulate joist ends, pony walls, and sometimes the floor under (floor joists). Then a vapor barrier is applied, as required by building code for certain sections of crawl space insulation. A customer or builder can opt for a higher-performing seal by requesting acoustic caulking of the poly vapor barrier.

Rigid Foamboard/Styrofoam insulation is then brought into the crawl space area, the thickness of these sheets can vary depending on local building code.
In the service areas of Nanaimo, Comox Valley, Campbell River, Parksville, Duncan we utilize 3″-4″ of Rigid foamboard thickness for crawl space insulation. 3″ of Rigid is equal to roughly an R-12 insulation value.

These sheets are then cut to size depending on the crawl height and affixed via either PL adhesive to the concrete wall perimeter, or Hilti shot and pins. The best option is definitely Hilti shot and pins, this is because it drives a masonry nail into the concrete wall and is unlikely to fall off after years of condensation.

Once this process is done we use a “spray foam in a can” type solution to foam any gaps between the sheets, to give a continuous, bulletproof seal all around the crawl space. This is just one of the ways our insulation services excel in terms of quality & value to our customers vs. other insulation firms.

Benefits of Fiberglass Batt Insulation & Rigid Foamboard

  • Inexpensive vs. other crawl space insulation services
  • Decent R-value per inch
  • Rigid foamboard functions as a vapor barrier
  • Water damage resistant
  • Mold resistant
Open Cell Spray Foam Crawl Space Insulation

This type of insulation expands between 40 and 100 times its size upon application.
The material comes in large drums, containing an iso and a type of resin. A certified and licensed spray foam installer runs them through a partitioner, they travel through a heated hose to a spray gun where they finally combine via chemical reaction to create foam. Upon application to a surface, the foam expands and fills the cavity. Proper PPE equipment must be worn during spray foam insulation installation; this is because the off-gassing (VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds) are toxic.

With any type of spray foam solution, we ask homeowners to be able to make accommodations to vacate their home for at least 24 hours after application.
After this period, spray foam is perfectly safe and inert.

Benefits of Open Cell Spray Foam Crawl Space Insulation

  • Bi-directional drying (because open cell spray foam is vapor permeable, it allows you to see and repair leaks)
  • Mold resistant (both open cell & closed spray foam insulation services do not contribute to mold)
  • Accommodates seasonal movement
  • Can be used around cumbersome crawl obstacles; pipes, wiring, HVAC ducts
  • Lower price point than closed cell spray foam crawl space insulation

As we have stated before, open cell spray foam is permeable therefore it does not function as a vapor barrier.
Depending on your municipality’s building code, you may need a vapor barrier to pass a building inspection. Coastal Pacific Insulation Ltd. has a proprietary crawl space spray foam coating that is applied on top of the spray foam to create a vapor barrier.

Just one of the many crawl space insulation services that set us apart from the competition, to bring quality, value & great service to the homeowner.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Crawl Space Insulation

While open cell spray foam outperforms conventional insulation materials, closed cell spray foam insulation goes above and beyond. Offering around a whopping R-7 per inch vs. open cell spray foam at around R-3.8 per inch. This makes it an amazing material for hard to reach, small areas that need the highest available R-value to pass building inspection. Did we mention this wonderful, high-performance material functions as a vapor barrier?

Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam Crawl Space Insulation

  • Functions as a vapor barrier
  • Adds structural strength due to the rigidity
  • Highest R-values per inch applied; easier to meet building code R-value requirements in small or narrow spaces & cavities
    (Broadly speaking: higher the R-value = more insulating power)
  • Outperforms open cell spray foam in tensile and bonding strength
  • Impact-resistant (once it’s applied, won’t move out of place)
  • Recognized as a flood damage-resistant material by FEMA
  • Able to be applied at low temps. (-15°C)
  • Environmentally friendly – outlasts other insulation services and products
Un-poured Crawl Space Ground Seal

In older homes, we tend to see crawl spaces that don’t have the ground poured with concrete. In these scenarios, water vapor rises from the dirt and affects the rest of the crawl space, causing a plethora of moisture problems: mold, mildew & rot.
To remediate these moisture problems for homeowners, Coastal Pacific Insulation Ltd. insulation services include something referred to in the industry as a “ground seal”.

Essentially, we take a thicker poly vapor barrier (~.006″+) and lay it across the ground surface area of the crawl space. We then tape together these pieces around the seams and any protrusions, beams, footings; forming them into one continuous piece of vapor barrier that will protect your crawl. The edges of this poly vapor barrier can then be tucked and caulked (with acoustic sealant) underneath your crawl space walls/Styrofoam insulation.

If you have an older home with a moisture problem, this ground seal insulation service can add years to the longevity of your home.

Roxul Insulation – Rockwool Insulation

Sometimes homeowners want the very best insulation services when it comes to their home. We here are Coastal Pacific Insulation Ltd, love to provide our clients with high-quality insulation services along with high-quality insulation materials.

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Roxul Insulation Services – Floor Joists

This is why we use Rockwool insulation formerly known as Roxul. This is a type of mineral wool made of Basalt & Slag, which is melted down and spun into fibers. These fibers are then fabricated into batts to fit between studs or joists.

Rockwool insulation because of its mineral composition is a naturally fire-stopping product. It can withstand extreme heat up to 1177°C, won’t melt, produce smoke or spread flames. This engineered, high-performance product won’t combust, is lightweight, repels water, and has the best acoustical insulation properties especially at lower frequencies.
In the event of a house fire: Rockwool insulation will add precious, life-sustaining time for firefighters & your family to reach safety.

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Rockwool Safe’n’Sound Insulation

Roxul Insulation / Rockwool Insulation Benefits

  • Fire-resistant up to 1177°C
  • Mold & Rot resistant
  • Moisture and water-resistant; dries very quickly
  • One of the best types of acoustical insulation aka soundproofing insulation, oftentimes used in theaters and studios

To learn more about Rockwool insulation products, click here.

Old Insulation Removal

A crucial part of insulation services, we don’t just do an excellent job installing insulation. We do a professional job of removing it, as well.
Insulation removal is done for a myriad of reasons, some not so critical as others.
At Coastal Pacific Insulation, we have seen practically every insulation removal situation one can envision faced by our clients.

Sometimes we find ourselves fixing lackluster insulation services provided by other companies, that is to say: insulation that was installed incorrectly or placed in the wrong spot. Incorrectly installed insulation can actually do more harm than good in some scenarios by limiting airflow efficiency, blocking proper ventilation, or worse creating a vapor lock. These insulation nightmares often cause grave consequences and can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy home, specifically in the attic insulation realm.

Another common problem we find ourselves remediating with insulation removal is damaged insulation, insulation may be deemed damaged by the following culprits:

  • roof damage / leaking roof
  • pest contamination (rats seem to think insulation makes a fine bed…)
  • smoke damage / fire damage / flooding
  • hazardous materials (vermiculite that contains asbestos fibers)
  • rampant mold

During home renovations or retrofitting it is also extremely common that insulation removal is requested. While we can add new insulation to your existing old insulation; removal of the old insulation combined with an upgrade is highly suggested for the highest quality outcome.

Types of Insulation Removal Services

  • Attic Insulation Removal
  • Crawl Space Insulation Removal
  • Wall Insulation Removal

To learn more about our insulation removal services, click here.

Sound Proofing

To learn more about sound proofing insulation services for your home, click here.

Insulation Rebates

Coastal Pacific Insulation is a program registered contractor with BCHydro.
We help our customers save money on their utility bills by upgrading their existing insulation.

Free Estimates

We provide our customers with free estimates on all of our insulation services.
The quickest way to book your free insulation estimate is to click or call us today!

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