Maximize Your Savings with Insulation Rebates from CleanBC's Income Qualified Program

Transform your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and health with tailored rebates for eligible households

Program Overview - Insulation Rebates for Eligible Homeowners

The CleanBC Income Qualified Program offers income-qualified homeowners in British Columbia access to affordable insulation upgrades. By participating in this program, you can enjoy improved home comfort, lower energy costs, and healthier indoor air quality.
Eligible homeowners can receive enhanced rebates covering 60–95% of their insulation upgrade costs, up to $5,500.

Insulation Rebate Information

Upgrade your insulation through the CleanBC Income Qualified Program and receive up to $5,500 in rebates. To qualify, you must meet specific income and eligibility requirements, and your insulation must be installed by an Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor. To apply for the rebate, you’ll need to pre-register, receive an eligibility code, and work with a registered contractor who will submit your application on your behalf.
To find out more about eligibility and details, please visit the CleanBC website here.

Benefits of Upgrading Insulation

Satisfied Customers - Testimonials

We are so grateful to Coastal Pacific Insulation for helping us navigate the CleanBC IQP rebate program. They made our insulation upgrade a breeze, and now our home is more comfortable and energy-efficient than ever. Plus, we're saving money on our utility bills! Highly recommended.
Mike and Lisa
Coastal Pacific Insulation made our insulation upgrade seamless and cost-effective through the CleanBC IQP rebate program. Our home is now much more comfortable, with lower energy consumption and reduced noise from outside. We couldn't be happier with the results!
When we first considered upgrading our insulation, we were worried about the cost. But Coastal Pacific Insulation introduced us to the CleanBC IQP program, which covered an incredible 95% of the upgrade cost. We never imagined we could afford such an improvement, but with their guidance, we were able to make our home more comfortable and energy-efficient without breaking the bank. We're truly grateful for their support.
Emily and James

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