Commercial Retrofit

Revitalizing Spaces for Tomorrow’s Business

Tailored Retrofit Solutions for the Evolving Commercial Landscape

In the dynamic realm of commercial real estate, retrofitting existing spaces is pivotal to meeting modern business demands. At Coastal Pacific Insulation, we partner with builders and construction companies to breathe new life into commercial properties. Leveraging cutting-edge insulation technologies and decades of expertise, we ensure every retrofit not only aligns with today’s standards but is poised to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Sprayfoam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulaton (Open Cell & Closed Cell)

Harness the power of modern insulation with our spray foam solutions. Ideal for sealing gaps, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing external noise, it's the choice for contemporary commercial retrofitting.

Monoglass Spray Insulaton

Monoglass Spray Insulation

Experience the benefits of Monoglass – a lightweight, non-combustible insulation that effortlessly adheres to most surfaces. Perfect for upgrading the thermal and acoustical performance of your commercial space.

Tank Insulation

Keep your storage tanks operating at optimal temperatures.

Our specialized tank insulation services ensure consistent temperature regulation, safeguarding contents and optimizing energy use.

specialty coatings DC315

Specialty Coatings

Enhance the fire-resistance and safety of your commercial space with our specialty coatings like DC315. These coatings not only boost your property's safety profile but also complement the performance of underlying insulation.

Rockwool/Roxul Insulation

Introduce the enduring benefits of mineral wool with Rockwool/Roxul insulation. Naturally fire-resistant and offering excellent thermal and acoustical properties, it's a versatile choice for diverse commercial retrofit projects.

Coastal Pacific Insulation Free Estimates

Free Estimates

Make informed decisions with our obligation-free estimates. Whether it's a large-scale retrofit or a nuanced insulation upgrade, our team provides comprehensive quotes to help you plan with precision. For an expedited response, feel free to submit your project details in PDF format to us or schedule an on-site estimate. We're here to assist every step of the way.

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