Insulation Removal

Coastal Pacific Insulation offers safe, efficient and economical insulation removal services.

Either due to smoke/water damage, allergies to the current insulation/dust or just simply the beginning of a new renovation.

insulation removal

In order to remove the old insulation from your attic, we use a high-powered state of the art industrial vacuum system. Located on the outside of your home to keep dust & mess to a minimum, we run vacuum hoses up to the attic either through your front door or a window directly into the attic access opening.

Why call the professionals for insulation removal?

  • Old insulation is hazardous, sometimes filled with bio-hazards such as rat droppings, dead pests, dust, disease-causing pathogens, loose fiberglass fibers.
  • Our professionals wear state of the art filtration masks and carefully walk through your attic with a vacuum hose that goes directly to a dumpster, picking up any loose insulation & contaminants.
  • Dragging dirty, dust filled insulation through your home is a recipe for disaster and will most likely contaminate your home.

We do all kinds of insulation removal:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawlspace Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • & Much more

When is insulation removal necessary?

  • Home renovation, requiring the removal of drywall
  • Rewiring of your attic/home space
  • Additions (ie. second story)
  • Repairs following fire damage, flooding
  • Allergies to current insulation or too much dust circulating in your current build
  • Pest/Mold infestation

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