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Here’s What You Don’t Know About Roxul Mineral Wool…

Roxul Mineral Wool insulation is another option installed through the same process as fiberglass. It provides much of the same benefits and is used in both new construction and renovation settings.

Properties of Roxul Mineral Wool:

roxul mineral wool fire barrier

Made from stone, ROXUL mineral wool has a high melting point, much higher than other forms of insulation.  It can withstand temperatures up to 2,150° F, while a typical house fire burns at approximately ~1,100˚F. Because of this, ROXUL essentially acts as a fire barrier––a barrier that delays fire spread in a situation where every second is on the line. In the event of a fire, ROXUL mineral wool insulation will not add to the toxic smoke or gases and will not promote the spread of flames, providing you & your family with valuable time to get to safety.


The moisture resistant properties of ROXUL mineral wool insulation actually enable it to repel water, helping to create a safer indoor environment because it protects against rot, mold, mildew and bacterial growth.  Unlike traditional insulations, ROXUL mineral wool products dry quickly if exposed to water, remaining stable and retaining their stated R-value.  This extra durability means you can depend on ROXUL for long-term performance. Traditional insulation ie. fiberglass, tend to retain water once wet, and as a result, they can slump in the wall cavity and create voids that can compromise thermal resistance and lead to mold & rot issues. Stone wool was originally discovered in Hawaii, as a naturally-occurring by-product of volcanic activity.  The basalt rock used to make stone wool is an abundant, renewable resource. CFC – and HCFC – free product and process!


roxul safe n sound

Nothing beats the zen of a quiet home. That’s exactly what ROXUL® SAFE ‘n’ SOUND® provides. Its high-density composition and unique non-directional fiber are behind the product’s excellent sound dampening qualities.  ROXUL SAFE ‘n’ SOUND® mineral wool insulation acts as an effective sound proofing material between rooms (and between floors when installed in ceilings).  ROXUL mineral wool delivers sound absorption relief from impact noise, often caused by footsteps, doors slamming and furniture movement. It also combats airborne noise such as music, speech and traffic sounds.  It is engineered for a snug fit between interior wall cavities, delivering the best sound proofing even against lower frequency bass ranges, It is often the choice of professional recording studios. 

4. BC Hydro Rebate Eligible

Since Roxul Mineral Wool insulation increases your insulation rating, it is eligible for the BC Hydro/Fortis BC insulation renovation rebate! What are you waiting for? Book your free estimate today!

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