Parksville Insulation

Are you looking for the best Parksville Insulation?

Here at Coastal Pacific Insulation we offer a full range of Parksville insulation services, anything from fiberglass batts to spray foam insulation, commercial to industrial. Installed by our professional insulation technicians, with decades of combined experience and impeccable customer service.

To see the list of Parksville Insulation services we provide click here.

Did you know you could be eligible for up to $5500 worth of BCHydro/FortisBC energy rebates, simply by upgrading your existing insulation? Find out more.

We are a program registered contractor, which means we can provide you with help every step of the way.

nanaimo insulation program registered contractor bchydro
BCHydro Fortis program registered contractor

Don’t hesitate to call or click today, we’ll even provide you with a free estimate.

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