Monoglass Spray Insulation

Monoglass Spray Insulation: The Solution for Hard-to-Insulate Areas

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Monoglass spray insulation combines soft glass fibers and polymer adhesive to create a non-combustible, non-toxic, insulation that can be quickly spray applied to virtually any surface or configuration.  With an R-value of 4.00/inch, installations of R-20 overhead, or R-28 on vertical surfaces can be applied quickly and easily in one pass without costly, slow layering or mechanical support.

Monoglass spray insulation is applied by trained applicators using approved equipment, ensuring quality control and consistency.

  • Non-combustible Class 1 building material
  • 0 Flame Spread / 0 Smoke Development
  • Can be applied over fireproofing materials to add thermal/acoustic insulation
  • Inorganic fiberglass insulation wonโ€™t support mold growth
  • Minimum 25% re-cycled content add to LEED credits
  • Provides R-4.00 / inch thermal resistance
  • Can also be used as an effective acoustic insulation, providing NRC .95 with just 2 inches
  • Reduces sound transmission between spaces
  • Can be applied on horizontal surfaces up to 5โ€ณ thick without mechanical support, providing R-20
  • Can be applied on vertical surfaces up to 7โ€ณ thick without mechanical support, providing R-28
  • Quick, one pass application with no layering required.

monoglass parkade vancouver island

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