Crawl Space Insulation

Heat loss of a home without crawl space insulation

We Need To Talk About Crawl Space Insulation. It’s a Game Changer.

Did you know you can lose up to 15% of your home’s heat through your crawlspace?
Are you looking for the best crawl space insulation on Vancouver Island?
Well you came to the right place! Our professional, experienced installers use the latest technology. Sheets of foam insulation are affixed directly to your concrete crawl space foundation via the use of a Hilti gun/pins. This prevents the ambient moisture from turning into condensation on your crawl walls and leading to direct flooding, mold & rot.

We also do spray foam crawlspace insulation for crawls that need that extra seal.

Older crawl spaces or homes with a dirt based crawl space floor can have terrible moisture problems. A quick solution to this is a ground seal, this involves laying poly over the ground to act as a vapor barrier, so the water condenses underneath.

Whatever your situation may be, we have a variety of different insulation solutions to meet your building needs.

crawl space insulation

Did you know that crawl spaces are eligible for the BC Hydro Rebate program? We are a program certified contractor and can help you get the rebate you deserve.

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