Have a renovation that needs more insulation?

Cellulose blown in insulation is an excellent and effective upgrade to many older homes, by drilling small holes in existing walls we can add insulation where it should have been installed years ago!

cellulose blown in

We offer insulation upgrade or top-up to meet the R-values required by building code.

Cellulose Blown In insulation is:

  • An eco-friendly, non-toxic material
  • Reduces air leakage and provides more resistance to air movement than any other loose-fill insulation
  • Fire resistant insulation, treated with fire retardants to meet all safety requirements
  • Cellulose blown in is one of the only insulation products that actually manages moisture.

Applications of Cellulose Insulation:

  • New or retrofit residential/commercial construction.
  • Applied through spraying (blowing) or in loose-fill form.
  • It can be injected in closed cavities
  • Blows well and particularly effective in awkward or hard-to-get spots and edges.

    “Cellulose is very good at fitting around items in walls like pipes and wiring, leaving few air pockets that can reduce the overall efficiency of the wall. Dense pack cellulose can seal walls from air infiltration while providing the density to limit convection, when installed properly. The University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning did a study that compared two seemingly identical test structures, one insulated with cellulose and the other with fiberglass. The cellulose insulation lost 26.4% less heat energy over time compared to the fiberglass insulation. It also was shown to tighten the structure more than 30%.[4] Subsequent real world surveys have cellulose performing 20-30% better at reducing energy used for heating than fiberglass.” Source: WP

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