Campbell River Insulation

campbell river insulation

Are you looking for the best Campbell River insulation contractor?

We have been serving and operating in Campbell River, BC for over 17 years now.

Coastal Pacific Insulation has been the #1 choice for insulation in Campbell River.
Our professional insulation technicians have decades of combined experience, quality workmanship and great customer service. We are fully versed in Campbell River insulation code & go above and beyond for your build. Insulation is the most important factor in the preservation of your building envelope and longevity of your build down the road.

Is your house cold in the winter?
Are you in the process of renovating your home?
Do you find yourself touching the thermostat often?
Mold/Moisture problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you most likely have an insulation problem. Luckily we are a full service insulation contractor, we service a multitude of homes, buildings and projects in Campbell River.

Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial… We do it all!
If you’re a builder or contractor taking on a big commercial project, you can count on us to meet your insulation deadlines & inspections.

Take a look at a list of Campbell River insulation services here.

And don’t forget we offer BCHydro/FortisBC energy rebates, which offer up to $5500 for upgrading your existing insulation!

Don’t wait and contact us today for a free estimate, the comfort and longevity of your home depends on it.

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